Our Services

We currently have three optometrists. Gareth and Rhodri offering routine eye tests and the enhanced Eye Health Exam Wales (EHEW) service 6 days a week and a new regular Low Vision clinic run by Francesca Clark.

We are passionate about supplying our customers with the knowledge regarding their eyes and the expertise that allows us to fulfil your requirements with the finest quality spectacles and contact lenses.

We are privileged to utilise the revolutionary ‘Optomap’ retinal laser scanner and Copernicus SOCT Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography system. The Optomap allows unprecedented ultra-wide field examination of the back of the eye. The Spectral OCT gives an amazingly detailed scan of deeper retinal tissue, critical in evaluating the health of the macula and optic disc.

NHS examinations are free for eligible groups and can be ‘topped up’ privately should further investigations be required or requested. 

We believe in the importance of excellent spectacle dispensing. We are fortunate to have John, our full time dispensing optician and his team always on hand to provide our customers with fantastic service whether its new spectacles, new lenses, repairs or information regarding contact lenses.